We hope you all had really fun and joyful holidays!  It all went by so fast just like every year…..

The vendors from Bemidji Area Farmers Market are almost done resting and getting ready to start some seeds and plan for the upcoming 2015 season.  We are so excited for the new season with some new vendors and new ideas.  We so much appreciate your patronage every year and hope to get others to stop by and see what we offer.

So just to go back to the last season, our vendors gave thousands of pounds of vegetables to local food shelves, soup kitchen and other like organizations.  This is part of why we do what we do, share fresh produce and other products with the community.  We didn’t plan any events because we were just to dang busy but we are hoping to plan earlier and have some fun events at our market this coming season.

Time for some more reflections pictures of things from last year and to look forward to this  year!

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Have a little lunch on us at the Bemidji Area Farmers Market tomorrow, Tuesday September 23rd!  “Taste of the Market” with FREE samples at each vendor stand.  So stop by the old Pamida parking lot for sure and check it out!

IMG_1165Pumpkins[1]SalsaBAFM sign

Make one of your stops this weekend at the Bemidji Area Farmers Market in the old Pamida parking lot.  We have lots and lots of freshly-picked, for sure locally grown delicious vegetables.  You can also get mushrooms, honey, baked breads and rolls, local meats, jams & jellies, relishes, pickles and more.   I will post pics soon. 


Stop by the farmers market today in the old Pamida parking lot and get some freshly-picked raspberries and strawberries while they are in because they will be gone soon for the season!!  Ter-Lee Gardens also has a variety of vegetables available also……….


IMG_7635 images[4]


PR Hede’s Pickles & Produce has some pickles available!  Stop by the farmers market in the old Pamida parking lot this weekend for sure.   Produce is starting to come in also with other vendors and you must try Schulze’s homemade baked breads!


Bemidji Area Farmers Market is a great place to stop and shop for some really good food items.  Local meats; lamb, pork, beef and chickens, honey, baked breads and rolls, jams and jellies, relishes, pickled products and some produce.  Soon there will be tons and tons of produce so keep watching…….



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