The Rohde Family Farms mobile meat trailer will be at the Pamida Farmers Market location from 12 – 2 and then at the Sanford market site (SW of hospital) from 2:30 – 5:30 today.

We will be featuring fresh home raised, inspected and vacuum packed whole chickens for just $2.49/# along with lean ground beef for 3.95/# (10# or more just $3.75/#).

We just had a new batch of our very popular blueberry – maple breakfast sausages made and now have smoked breakfast links, brats & snack sticks (many varieties ), along with pork chops, beef steaks, brisket, roasts, leg of lamb, Lamb chops and much more.

All born and raised on our farm and USDA inspected.

Yay!  Looks like most of our garlic came up this year…..hopefully the rest of the produce is plentiful this season!


It is definitely a priority stop tomorrow (Saturday, August 8th) at the Bemidji Area Farmers Market!  Gary and Becky will be back with those really yummy caramel rolls and the delicious freshly-baked breads they make. I would get there early or they will be sold out!  Also of course Al and maybe Rohde’s will be there with local meats, hopefully Chuck and Carrie with some farm fresh eggs and PR Hede’s Pickles & Produce will be there with lots of pickles, jams and other specialty canned goods and lots of produce.  If you can’t make it on Saturday stop by on Sunday and go to Ter-Lee Gardens and get freshly-picked produce of all kinds and Roger might be there with his delicious breads and honey.


Okay folks, I am just frustrated!  Yesterday at the farmers market in the old Pamida parking lot my husband was there selling in the green and white trailer.  We had a lady come to our stand and say “Aren’t you the market that sprays?”  Really!  What do we spray exactly?!  I cannot speak for anyone else in ANY market but I DO NOT SPRAY any chemicals on my plants.  I will say I have used Neem Oil to get rid of early blight and aphids and I use fish emulsion for fertilizer and compost if our neighborhood bear does not eat it. This year I have not used any Neem Oil and I don’t think I will have to because I did prune my tomatoes in time and I don’t have any aphids.  I work very very hard at growing chemical free fruits and vegetables as that is what I want on my table, so who are you getting your information from, I would like to know because it is slander!  Come to my house and see for yourself because I can tell you folks that are saying this have not been to my house and don’t know just how hard I work at this.  For the record I am not certified organic and there is not one market more organic than the other.  I grow my vegetables with lots of love and hard work and it is just one example on why there is two farmers markets in our town as I am pretty sure it is folks from the other market saying these things that are untrue.  They are not the organic market (Natural Choice) and we are not the spraying market (Bemidji Area).  Ask each individual vendor at each individual market what they use and how they grow there vegetables.  This message is from PR Hede’s Pickles & Produce, Robyn Hede.

Stop by the old Pamida parking lot today and get some local farm fresh eggs before they are gone!  Our new vendor is there right now until maybe around 3:00pm but I would get there sooner.

Just so folks know Becky and Gary Schulze (Azimuth Gold) will not be coming to the farmers market for awhile at least not with bread because Becky broke her arm.  Hopefully she will heal fast so we can all enjoy that delicious home-baked bread and caramel rolls soon again!  PR Hede’s Pickles & Produce will not be at the farmers market this weekend but will be there the following weekend and the rest of the season.  Al with the local meats will be at the farmers market this weekend and maybe a few others so still be sure to stop by and check it out!  Thank you so much for supporting local foods , we sincerely appreciate your business!

Be sure to make one of your stops at the old Pamida parking lot to see what some of the Bemidji Area Farmers Market vendors have for sale.  We will be there from 8:30am to 3pm.


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